Controlling Pain After Surgery is Important for Your Recovery

It is very common for patients prior to undergoing surgery to have many questions regarding their post-operative pain and concerns about returning to work or to their regular lifestyles. Our patients can take comfort in knowing we are committed to patient care with state of the art postsurgical pain management, which minimizes narcotic use in your recovery. Our dedication to uphold the highest standards in pain management help insure that our patients get the results they want with a recovery that is fast and with as little pain as possible. Better pain control means your body can focus on healing.

How Does EXPAREL® Work?

  • EXPAREL is injected into your surgical incision just before the end of the procedure.
  • EXPAREL can control post surgical pain directly at the source by numbing the incision around the surgical site.
  • EXPAREL is a local analgesic that contains the local anesthetic bupivacaine.
  • EXPAREL is specifically designed to release pain medication over time and may control pain for up to 72 hours.


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