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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. Sometimes, though, results are not optimal. To improve the size, feel, or look of their breasts after a breast enhancement procedure, many women seek breast augmentation revision.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, and constant advances in technology and surgical procedures have made it safer and more affordable for women everywhere. Yet, while most women are pleased with the results of breast enhancement procedures, many women desire breast revision surgery to improve on the results of a past procedure. At his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania surgi-center, Dr. Raymond Capone performs breast implant revision surgery to help women attain the ideal look that fits their changing aesthetic and lifestyle needs.

Breast Revision Surgery Candidates

Women choose to have breast revision surgery at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania practice for many different reasons. Whatever the reason for your breast revision surgery, if you are in good health and are not breastfeeding or pregnant, Dr. Capone should be able to provide breast implant replacements that will fulfill your new cosmetic goals.

Many women decide to have breast revision surgery as they age because they desire to have breasts smaller than their original surgery provided. Other women would like their breasts to be even larger than the size they achieved with their current implants. Some women are unhappy with scarring or the shape or feel of their implants, and sometimes women are unhappy with the placement of their breast implants. In rare cases, implants may shift, rupture, deflate, leak, or cause wrinkling under the skin. Sometimes implants can make the breasts appear asymmetrical. Any of these problems can make a woman an excellent candidate for breast revision surgery.

If you are unhappy with the results of a past breast enhancement procedure for aesthetic, personal, or medical reasons, contact Dr. Raymond Capone to discuss breast revision surgery. To help you get a better idea of the possibilities available to you, our gallery features before and after photos of the natural-looking results patients have achieved with breast implant procedures performed by Dr. Capone.

The Breast Revision Procedure

The breast revision procedure is very similar to breast augmentation surgery. First, Dr. Capone will discuss your breast revision surgery goals with you and help you decide the best option. Depending on your particular circumstance, he may recommend a revision procedure in which the current implants remain in place after he removes scar tissue, or a procedure in which the existing implant or implants are removed and replaced with new implants. Or, he may recommend removal of the existing implants followed by a breast lift to return the breasts to their original shape and size.

During breast revision surgery at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cosmetic surgery center, an incision is usually made in the same place as in the original procedure. Dr. Capone then removes and, if desired, replaces the patient’s existing breast implants. The procedure normally takes less than one hour. Women can choose to have their breast implants replaced with implants of a different type, size, or shape. They can also elect to have their implants removed completely.

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