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  1. Specialists in Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh
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About Shadyside Surgi-Center

A Center for Excellence and Safety in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in Pittsburgh, PA

Accreditations and Credentials

Shadyside Surgi-Center is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and certified by Medicare and the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). The Surgi-Center meets the strictest standards of patient safety. Modern, safe, and cutting-edge, our center provides our patients with the ideal environment to undergo their plastic surgery procedures. It is designed with patient safety in mind and maintained by skilled professionals. All personnel are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialists in their specialties of plastic surgery, hand surgery general surgery and anesthesiology. The center only employs licensed registered nurses licensed by the State of Pennsylvania.

Exceptional Safety Standards

Shadyside Surgi-Center was founded with the goal of delivering cosmetic surgery results without patients having to assume the risks and challenges of post-operative recovery. The facility has been focused on Multi-Modal Pain Relief principles since it first opened in 1993. The facility has achieved an industry low postoperative nausea record through a complex quality assurance program focused on a quick recovery without nausea. In fact, the incidence of emesis after surgery is less than 1 percent at Shady Surgi-Center.

A True Center for Excellence

Located in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Shadyside Surgi-Center is a comprehensive plastic surgery center that was established in 1993. With over 25 years and having served thousands of patients, the Surgi-Center proudly practices safe surgical care with a history of zero emergency transfers. It is also proud to have an infection rate of 0.09%, approximately 10 times less than published hospital rates in the area. Shadyside Surgi-Center has become Southwestern Pennsylvania's center of excellence in breast and body contouring as well as facial rejuvenation procedures.

Shadyside Surgi Center

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