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Raymond A Capore Jr, M.D. and Avery C. Capore M.D.

Chemical Peels Pittsburgh, PA

At Specialists in Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh, a chemical peel is a great non-surgical option we offer to treat fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. Trichloroacetic acid or TCA peels can be customized to meet your needs and treat the face, neck, decolletage and hands. A superficial TCA peel will improve skin texture and tone with very little downtime. A more medium-depth or deep TCA peel will improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, TCA peels are used to treat certain skin conditions such as acne, melasma, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Our chemical peels are performed by our board-certified nurse practitioner, Jessica, so that the treatment is done safely and effectively and gives beautiful results! TCA peels at Specialists in Plastic Surgery of Pittsburgh are a great addition for those who use injectables and fillers to really make the skin glow. TCA peels can also be a great introduction into non-surgical cosmetic treatments as they offer a great result with a lower cost and little downtime. 

Treat Fine Lines and Blemishes - Discover Chemical Peels

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