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Raymond A Capore Jr, M.D. and Avery C. Capore M.D.

Brow Lift Surgery | Forehead Lift Surgery

If you want to smooth away a tense, angry, or furrowed brow, consider a forehead lift, in which the forehead skin and brows are lifted up. Forehead-lifts, also known as brow-lifts, are often paired with eyelid surgery to minimize wrinkles and to lift sagging skin in the upper face. A survey finds that most patients who underwent a brow or forehead lift said they'd definitely or probably undergo the surgery again when asked about it years later. Most also said they'd recommend it to others.

At our Pittsburgh plastic surgery practice, we help you achieve a refreshed, more awake look. To learn more about forehead lift plastic surgery, contact our Pittsburgh cosmetic surgery practice today. Call us at (412) 363-6626 or book an appointment online today.

Cosmetic Face Surgery for Brow & Forehead  – Pittsburgh, PA

Forehead lifts, (also known as brow lifts,) are an incredibly quick and effective way to erase years of frown lines through a simple, outpatient procedure. Dr. Avery C. Capone and Dr. Raymond A. Capone, Jr have helped countless patients achieve a more youthful, “awake” look through forehead lift surgery. Use our convenient online booking tool to request a forehead lift evaluation. 

FAQs on Forehead Lift:

Who are the best candidates for Forehead Lifts?

The best patients for a forehead lift are those who have a heavy low set brow, with over-developed forehead muscles and a tense and angry look. The endoscopic forehead lift is a suitable approach for treating the upper third of the face with hidden short scars in the hair-bearing scalp. (2).

Can a Forehead Lift be combined with other procedures?

A forehead lift can be combined with other procedures such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or nose reshaping.

What is the recovery time for a Forehead Lift?

A Forehead Lift is usually done on an outpatient basis, without an overnight stay. It usually requires a few days to a week off from work.

What are the common side effects after a Forehead Lift?

Although heavy scarring, hair loss, and numbness of the forward portion of the scalp were common side effects in the past, modern endoscopic procedures have dramatically reduced the likelihood of each. Complication rates are now lower than 3 percent for forehead lifts.

For more information about forehead lifts, contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cosmetic surgery practice today. Call us at 412.363.6626 or use the convenient online appointment booking tool to get in touch with us. Betsy, our Patient Coordinator and our team of care experts are happy to do a consultation with you to understand your needs and help you figure out the next steps.